The AT3 Center is led and staffed by individuals with extensive personal experience and expertise implementing all Section 4 authorized AT Act activities. To support ready access to technical assistance, staff are located geographically across the country (east, central and west). Primary staff and contract partners include:

  • C. Marty Exline - AT3 Center Director.

    Marty is responsible for overall Center management and has primary TA responsibility for the central states. He has over 30 years of administrative experience in disability services including 23 years with a State AT Program. He has been directly responsible for implementation of all State AT Program activities as Director of the Missouri Assistive Technology program. He also has executive and TA expertise in community living and implementation of the ADA. He has expertise in AT policy and funding especially in the area of Medicaid, Medicaid waivers, and health insurance.

  • Kim Moccia – TA Specialist.

    Kim has primary TA responsibility for the Eastern States. She also has responsibilities related to overseeing ATAP’s grant management responsibilities related to the AT3 Center. Kim began her career as the manager of an AT-services program. She was the Program Director of STAR, Minnesota’s Assistive Technology Act Program. Kim was involved in a variety of AT-related initiatives while working for the State of Minnesota, including developing a Functional Needs Planning Toolkit for Emergency Planners; adding an assistive technology vision, strategy, and measurable goals to Minnesota’s Olmstead Plan; and, passing and implementing Minnesota’s accessibility law (§16E.02) and ICT accessibility standards. Kim has worked in the field of AT for more than twenty years.

  • Dave Scherer – AT3 Center/ATAP Director of Programs and Technical Assistance.

    Dave has primary TA responsibility for the Western States. He also has responsibilities for oversight and evaluation of the AT3 Center. He is the liaison between AT3, ATAP and CATADA. Dave was Program Manager then Program Director for the South Dakota Assistive Technology Program, DakotaLink, from 1999 to 2019. For over 30 years Dave worked to provide individuals with disabilities and those who support them greater access to technology, community inclusion, education and employment opportunities. His efforts allowed him to collaborate in a wide variety of initiatives related to education, transportation, public housing, juvenile justice, funding sources, and employment.