• The Georgia Tech Pass It On Center (PIOC) and the Accessibility Solutions and Research Center (AMAC) support development, coordination and implementation of the AT Reuse activities. These efforts are led by Carolyn Phillips and supported by the staff of AMAC and the PIOC.
  • The Northwest Access Fund (NAF) supports development and delivery of training and technical assistance for AT financial loan activities including, but not limited to, financial literacy and credit building, CDFI creation and management, establishment oversight of direct lending, and other operational aspects of AT financial loan programs. These efforts are led by Emerson Sekins and supported by NAF staff.
  • Oklahoma ABLE Tech, coordinates and provides Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessibility training to support State AT Program ICT accessibility efforts. These efforts are led by Rob Carr. ABLE Tech is also developing the public internet site of AT information and resources.
  • The Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) provides access for State AT Programs and their affiliates/contractors to extensive webinar offerings including priority topics identified by the AT3 Center. AT3 and ATIA collaborate on trainings focused on program issues of interest to State AT Programs, and ATIA provides networking opportunities for State AT programs during the annual ATIA Conference. 
  • Eliza J. Anderson supports awareness of the AT Act through sharing stories about AT use and benefits through writing and editing "AT3 Center News & Tips: For and From State and Territory AT Programs."