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Upcoming Calls/Webinars

Demo/Loan CoP Webinar: Monday October 31st 3:00 PM EST

Reuse CoP Webinar: November 8th 3:00 PM EST

Demo Loan Community of Practice

The next webinar in the Demo/Loan educational series of discounts and deals will be Tuesday, October 31, 2017 at 3:00 PM eastern. These are brought to you to help you learn about products for your consideration as additions to your demo or loan inventories. Feel free to share with any staff or subcontractors responsible for these activities, and those making purchase decisions.

Time: Monday October 31st 3:00 PM EST

Host: Mount'n Mover by BlueSky Designs

Topic: What to Consider When Selecting a Mounting System

 Learning Objectives:

1. List 3 assessment questions that help identify the mounting need of a client.

2. List 3 psychosocial benefits of using a movable mounting system based on research results presented.

3. List 3 types of device mounting/positioning alternatives and a feature consideration for each

Mounting systems help to optimize access to technology and more. With the wide variety of mounting options available, it is important to be familiar with feature considerations to determine the best mounting recommendation for the client’s functional independence, well-being and quality of life. This training will focus on the use and beneficial effects of accessible movable mounts in the positioning of a range of devices, including iPads, tablets, laptops, speech devices and trays devices for optimal access and independence. Mounts presented include the Mount’n Mover Dual and Single Arm and the new Easy Mount, Simple Mounts and Power Mounts by BlueSky Designs.

Case studies will be presented to demonstrate how optimal device positioning provides many benefits. Benefits include improved ergonomics and positioning, increased functional independence in performing transfers and eating, improved visibility for driving, access to multiple devices simultaneously and improved interactions with others. Psychosocial benefits result from increases in independence and self-esteem, as shown in a research study by Ithaca College.

Movable mounts offer an alternative to stationary mounts and trays.  With the wide variety of mounting options available, it is important that professionals be familiar with feature considerations to determine the best mounting recommendation for individual’s access and functional independence needs. BlueSky Designs will offer a special discount on the new Universal Access Station Kit to the Assistive Technology Act State Programs in support of their product loan and demo services.

Information regarding connecting to the webinar will follow soon.  Please join us!


Reuse Community of Practice Webinars

Wednesday November 8th, 2017 3:00 PM – 4:00 EST

Topic: Liability Considerations and Solutions for AT Reuse Programs

This webinar will address the liability risks AT reuse programs encounter and share best practices on minimizing these obstacles. Presenters will address common challenges and lessons learned while addressing these important issues. Discussion will center on resources shared by fellow reuse programs. Additionally, we will highlight the Pass It On Center's checklist for identifying possible liability concerns for AT Reuse programs, and steps for developing policies and procedures to mitigate liability risks.

Host/Presenters: Kathy Laurin, AT3 Center, Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs (TAP); Carolyn Phillips, Director & PI, and Liz Persaud, Training and Outreach Coordinator, Pass It On Center, National Assistive Technology Device Reutilization Coordination and Technical Assistance Center; Additional speakers to be announced.

Access Instructions:

  • To join the meeting, please use this URL as it is unique to this webinar:
  • There is no password needed for access.
    • Please sign in under "guest" and type in your name and organization (ex. Liz Persaud - Pass It On Center) in the blank field.
  • There is no call in number associated with today's webinar.
    • To ask questions and provide comments please type your answers in the chat window and the webinar moderators will read each one out loud.
    • Microphone rights will not be enabled for webinar participants.
  • If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before, we recommend that you get a quick overview of the webinar platform and test your connection in advance of the live webinar.
  • If you need assistance accessing this webinar or have any questions, please contact Liz Persaud at 

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