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Upcoming Calls/Webinars

Demo/Loan CoP Webinar

September 13th 3:00 PM EST

What is Roger?

Roger is a digital wireless standard that uses 2.4 GHz tech to boost speech understanding in all noise levels and  over distance. It wirelessly transmits the speaker’s voice directly to the listener, offering speech-in-noise improvements of up to 35% over previous Phonak wireless technology and 54% over other FM systems.

Want to find out more?

 Join Dr. Bill Bielski for a look into how Roger can help people with hearing loss perform at their best in complex listening situations.

What? We will cover the following objectives:

  • Worklife mission
  • Why consider hearing assistive technology?
  • Phonak Work Life Solutions - Roger
  • What next?


Via On-Line Webinar

-more details to follow soon