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Information and access instructions are located at the AT3 Events - Call/Webinars page prior to the event and are also posted on the Demo/Loan CoP listserv

Archived Event Materials

Topic: Mobile Device Management
Date: May 6, 2020
Link to archived webinar:

Topic: Teltex
Date: April 15, 2020
Link to archived webinar:

Topic: Avaz
Date: April 14, 2020
Materials: AVAZ AT3 Presentation - FINAL.pptx

Topic: GrandPad
Date: March 11, 2020
Link to archived webinar:
Materials: AT3 GrandPad Presentation - FINAL.pptx

Topic: CaptionMate
Date: 10.2.19
Link to archived webinar:

Topic: Tippy Talk
Date: 9.11.19
Link to archived webinar:

Topic: Prentke Romich-Saltillo products and supports 
Date: 8.7.19
Link to archived webinar: (video)

Topic: "A Few of My Favorite Things"
Date: 7.23.19
Materials: A Few of My Favorite Things Final (powerpoint)
Transcript_Demo_Loan_Call_7_23_19 (word)

Topic: LoganTech
Date: 7.16.19
Link to archived webinar: Currently not available

Topic: Lingraphica
Date: 6.10.19
Link to archived webinar: (video)

Topic: Eyegaze
Date: 3.13.19
Link to archived webinar: (video)

Topic: Demo/Loan Inventory Management
Date: 2.27.19
Link to archived webinar: (video)

Topic: Attainment-GoTalk
Date: 1.16.19
Link to archived webinar: (video)

Topic: MyNotify-Wearable Technology
Date: 12.12.18
Link to archived webinar: (video)

Topic: Demo/Loan CoP Update
Date: 11.13.18
Link to archived webinar: (video)
Materials: DemoLoan Update Call (powerpoint)

Topic: App2Speak
Date: 10.10.18
Gina Baldwin, developer of App2Speak, talked about her AAC app and “discounts and deals” – including freebies – for State AT programs. Learn about unique features of this app and how you can compare/contrast it with similar products on the market during demonstrations. For more information about obtaining a free app, contact
Link to archived webinar: (video)

Topic: Demo Loan CoP Update
Date: 9.12.2018
Link to archived webinar: Not available
Materials: DemoLoan Update Call (powerpoint)  Referenced Products 9.12. (word)

Topic: OrCam MyEye 2.0
Date: 5/30/2018
Link to archived webinar: Not available
Materials: OrCamofferfortheStateATProgramOfficesv2 (powerpoint)

Topic: Sesame Enable
Date: April 11, 2018
Link to archived webinar: Currently not available

Topic: Conversor products: Notetalker App, Notetalker Edit, and NT Academy.
Date: March 28, 2018
Link to archived webinar: Currently not available

Topic: Strategies for Promoting Awareness of Your Demo and Loan Program
Date: Tuesday January 16, 2018, 3:00 PM EST
Related Materials: Listing of Electronic Media Used by State AT Programs (word)
Link to Recording: Currently not available
You can also dial in for playback (712) 775-7029
access code 302-678
reference #5

Topic: Mountn' Movers
Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2017, 3:00 PM EST
Link to Recording: Currently Not available
Related Materials: Mountnmover Outline - What to Consider When Selecting a Mounting System 10.31.17. (word) 
                              Considerations Mount'nmover (word)

Topic: Smartbox
Date: Wednesday, October 4, 2017, 3:00 PM EST
Call Notes: Currently not available
Link to Recording: Currently not available
Related Materials: Considerations Smartbox (word)

Topic: Phonak-Roger
Date: Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 3:00 PM EST
Call Notes: Currently not available
Link to Recording: Currently not available
Related Materials: Phonak powerpoint outline 9.13.17 (word)

Topic: Challenges of Demo-Loan of Internet-Dependent Devices
Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2017, 3:00 PM EST
Call Notes: Notes 5.31.17 (word)
Link to Recording: Currently not available
Related Materials: ATAPHomeAuto 5.31.17 Effinger (word)
                              Internet Protocol Captioned Telephones-PA (word)

Discounts and Deals

AT Act programs are eligible for a 10% discount on for their demonstration or lending programs. A free carry case is provided with 6 or more units (one case per purchased unit).  To order, contact or

Disability Cocoon
AT programs are provided with free access to resources, following the steps below. For more information, contact Dustin Wright at

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “members area” in top navigation bar
  3. Drop down menu and select the page you want to view: Tech:Huddles; Workshops; Tech:Fests
  4. 4. For EACH page: Enter password: 2butterfly!12, no user name required
    These instructions do NOT work for “purchase access” or “members home”
  5. You're in!

AT Act programs are eligible for 1 free license of Avaz AAC, MDA Avaz Reader & Avaz FreeSpeech for their demonstration or lending program. To request the discount, simply email and reference AT3 offer.

Contact Patrick Trank (phone 503.706.2351 or if you are interested in obtaining a demonstration unit for your program. You may also request brochures and referral cards that include a $10 discount to the purchaser.

Meal Lifter
AT Act programs are eligible for a 50% discount for a sale price of $10 per piece, plus shipping costs.  This "low tech" product elevates a dish to shorten the distance between "plate" and "mouth" for people with Parkinson's and other disabilities . The discount code is AT3Center, which can be entered in the Order Summary in the check-out tab on the website. If you cannot use PayPal for payment,  you can submit an order and still receive the discount by sending an email directly to the company at and they will issue an invoice.

AT Act programs are eligible for a 40% discount (off of the MRP) on NOUS units for their AT demonstration centers or lending programs.  To request the discount, email and reference AT3 discount.   The Nous Blink package includes:

  • The wearable eye blink detection sensor
  • The Nous Blink companion app for Windows that deal with sensor connection, calibration and its interaction with whatever you're controlling using blinks
  • Online support materials, including online on-boarding with every unit over a video call where we go through the system set up with you to make sure you get the best outcomes of the system as quickly as possible.

Up to 50% of list price. For more information about Lingraphica products, contact Amanda Gunn at, 609-819-5744;

Prentke Romich Company 
20% off of list price of all Accent and PRiO systems, including accessories such as access methods – Look™ Eyegaze and NuPoint™ Head Tracking 
*PRC provides regional consultants to help you set up, train and use our devices.
For more information or to discuss purchase arrangements use promo code “AT3center20” and email at 

Eyegaze Edge by LC Technologies
20% off of list price, includes
*full day of training (often an afternoon and the following morning)
*the Eyegaze Edge tablet
*Table mount with articulating arm
*Carrying case
For more information or to discuss purchase arrangements:

Get 25% off on all Attainment Company AT Products good until July 31, 2020. At our website or on your PO, you’ll enter the discount code and apply to your cart/order each time you place an order: NAT3CL
If you have any questions or you’re interested in purchasing a large quantity of one particular product, please contact Joni Nygard, VP directly, for a specialized quote.

For State AT demo/loan programs to add to their inventories (not for resale), MedHab is offering almost a 50% discount (MSRP $335.00)
1-3 units:  $165
4+ units:  $150
MedHab is also offering a special price for consumers who have borrowed/seen a demo from your program and are interested in purchasing.  The public price is $175/unit.
How to purchase:
Go to
At check-out enter the relevant code:
The consumer code is ATAP175.
Contact Johnny Ross for more information:

10% discount on the software subscription ($359) loaded on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 outfitted tablet ($483.75) for a total of $842.75. NOTE: Orders placed by offer close of business by August 24, 2018 will receive a free half-day of virtual training and assistance in creating 15 graphics. If you are interested but can’t meet the purchase deadline, or for more information about purchasing, contact Corrine Mueller, (314) 415-1555, or 

For State AT demo/loan programs to add to their inventories (not for resale), Obi is offering almost a 50% discount - $3000 compared with the typical retail price of $5,950 . Demonstration units are available from the company at no cost (including free shipping in the continental US), for 30 days.
Contact John Zimerle, C: 606-881-2943  to order or for more information.

For State AT demo/loan programs, OrCam is offering almost a 50% discount - $2300 vs. the MSRP of $4500. Contact Motti Attia, or 303-809-4510 (Eastern sales manager) or Anat Nulman, or 408-310-7903 (Western sales manager) to order or for more information.

AbleNet Contact Info1 (word)
Ablenet discount and dealsA11Y102617 (word)
AbleNet is pleased to offer a discount of 30% to State AT programs on the purchase of a new AbleNet product when the old is recycled. *The level of discount is depends on the specific product. Some restrictions apply. (updated: 10/17)

Mountn' Movers
To request a quote or to place an order please submit to or call #888-724-7002. Be sure to document on the request the “20% AT Act Program Discount” and your quote/order will reflect that discount. We are offering the Universal Access Station Kit to your organization at a 20% discount, but can build custom kits that would also qualify for the discount. Please contact: Mary Kay Walch if you want to discuss this option. Note that the shipping cases do not receive a discount should you want to add one to your loan program.

There is a 20% discount for state AT programs on Phonak’s Roger products. Contact:

The best way is to order through a local dealer. Check out the website for a list of dealers across the US here: If no dealer is listed in your state just contact and we’ll set you up and connect you with the most local support available.
Smartbox pricing 10.4.17 (word)

Scanning Pens
Scanning Pens has begun to distribute free pens to state AT programs! If you are unsure as to whether you have received your pen, contact Jodi at 310-499-3557. They are also offering "discounts and deals" to state AT programs and their contractors - $150 - a 40% discount. Must use code NATP1 to receive the discount.

Sesame Enable
For AT Centers, we have a special bundle deal that includes a free premium Samsung tablet if the AT Center buys the license to the app (for $699.99).
That way the AT center gets a brand new tablet and an unlimited license to our app for only $699.
Contact:  Shai Eilat
Head of U.S Operations
U.S: 301-458-1990

1. Two free demonstration Notetalker software packages for each state AT center and 8 free app codes for iOS and Android phones and tablets
2. Codes for loaner versions of Notetalker Edit Software at $20 (MSRP $120) and the Notetalker apps for iOS or Android phones (at $2.50) and tablets (at $5.00)
3. Two free 3-year Notetalker Academy codes for each center for the NBT Academy Study Skills 3-learning course and 60 day license for borrowers
4. An account log in to help you manage the loan program and withdraw and reissue codes to borrowers
5. Quarterly training webinars
6. Directional microphones cables and batter power cards for individuals to support the recording process at $60 (MSRP $70). Free kit for each one purchased (BOGO) will yield a net price of $30 if you buy two.
7. Discount code (20%) for use on Notetalker website or direct orders for end users OR institutional buyers introduced by the state AT program