Important Message related to the COVID-19 Virus

People with disabilities and seniors, including but not limited to those who use assistive technology (AT) are at increased risk of serious or fatal complications from COVID-19. The AT3 Center is poised to provide state Assistive Technology Act programs with useful and current information regarding the provision of access to and acquisition of assistive technology devices and services to people with disabilities and seniors. Check back periodically at (will include archived webinars on this topic) and follow the AT3 Center on Facebook for resources that are updated almost daily.


AT3 is your one-stop connection to information about the Assistive Technology Act, State Assistive Technology Programs, and general assistive technology.

The purpose of the AT3 Center is to provide training and technical assistance for all AT Act Section 4 State and Territory Assistive Technology Programs and to support a national internet site that makes general AT information available to the public and other stakeholders. Check back frequently as more information is continually added to the website. 

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Program Highlights

Camille is very active and enjoys yoga at Blind and Low Vision Yoga Seattle. Recently she had the opportunity to try a yoga mat designed for those with vision challenges. WATAP houses this yoga mat with Blind and Low Vision Yoga Seattle’s studio specifically so participants can try and use it at every class.

Camille found the yoga mat color particularly useful as she could easily see the bright yellow in contrast to the floor. She appreciated the mat’s raised centerline, which helped orient her on the yoga mat and in class. She also liked the three-dimensional design that includes strategically placed raised and depressed features, which helped her feel where her hands, feet, and head should be placed for safe alignment in yoga poses. Camille now uses the mat regularly to practice more independently.