Important Message related to the COVID-19 Virus

People with disabilities and seniors, including but not limited to those who use assistive technology (AT) are at increased risk of serious or fatal complications from COVID-19. The AT3 Center is poised to provide state Assistive Technology Act programs with useful and current information regarding the provision of access to and acquisition of assistive technology devices and services to people with disabilities and seniors. Check back periodically at (will include archived webinars on this topic) and follow the AT3 Center on Facebook for resources that are updated almost daily.


AT3 is your one-stop connection to information about the Assistive Technology Act, State Assistive Technology Programs, and general assistive technology.

The purpose of the AT3 Center is to provide training and technical assistance for all AT Act Section 4 State and Territory Assistive Technology Programs and to support a national internet site that makes general AT information available to the public and other stakeholders. Check back frequently as more information is continually added to the website.

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Program Highlights

A woman contacted the South Carolina AT Program to look at some low vision items. She has a degenerative disease and is slowly losing her sight, which has impacted her ability to do her job, which is mostly comprised of reading. After discussing software she could use for computer-related tasks, we started looking through the low vision items available through reuse. She ended up taking home large screen magnifiers for her computer at work as well as smaller handheld magnifiers to help with reading small print. She was so thankful for the equipment that she started crying, saying it was going to allow her to do her job and that it would help to give her one good eye rest from straining so much.