Leadership Symposium

AT3 hosts an annual State AT Program Leadership Symposium in collaboration with CATADA and other partners designed to provide training on a wide range of State AT Program activities, policy, and management issues including data reporting. The Symposium provides an opportunity to learn from and engage with presenters, colleagues, and federal policy makers.

2019 Leadership Symposium

March 24 to March 27 at the Liaison Capitol Hill. The 2019 Symposium will provide an opportunity to learn from and engage with your colleagues, presenters, and federal policy makers.

The AT3 Symposium agenda is below. A full agenda including ATAP member events is available at: https://www.ataporg.org in the members only section. 

2019 AT3 Leadership Symposium Agenda
2019 LS Data Fidelity Preconference.pptx
2019 APR Data Fidelity Review.docx
2019 OBT overview index.docx
Outcomes and Outputs Table to FY20 w actual FY18 and revised output targets.docx
2019 LS APR and State Plan Update.pptx
Using Your Data to Support Decision Making.pptx
AT3 Unpacking Federal Funding Streams.pptx
State List for Regional Breakout Groups.xls
Smart Home Technology - 2019 Leadership Symposium.pptx

Host Hotel: 
Liaison Capitol Hill 
415 New Jersey Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20001

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